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About US

The CasaSerta, Real Estate Mediation with the license number AMI 12351,
headquarter and locatedin the central region of the country, more specifically in the village of Sertã.

The CasaSerta was recently created, precisely in the year 2016,

by João Filipe and Mário Costa,

both with many years of experience in the real estate industry. 

The CasaSerta, will together with all employees to exercise with all the positiv spirit,
combining their experience, professionalism, commitment and rigor, fund and real estate.

We are grateful for your trust in this new project and specially in us.






Mário Costa
Tlm: 963 043 580

João Filipe
Tlm: 964 121 797

Luís Sousa
Tlm: 918 285 406


Luís Rodrigues
Tlm: 969 072 124

Eduardo Baptista
Tlm: 964 674 811

Carla Farias
Tlm: 965 533 781


António Barata
Tlm: 914 748 177

Elsa Nunes
Tlm: 931 425 925

Liseta Jesus
Tlm: 963 703 559


Lita Oliveira
Tlm: 917 328 860

Lúcia Ramos
Tlm: 911 046 942

Ana Marques
Tlm: 914 958 319


Nuno Pereira
Tlm: 914 150 803






Ana Nunes
Tlm: 964 121 706